In the Summer 2020 exam series, we achieved 100% exam entry, as well as 100% access to predicted grades, results and certification for eligible candidates.

Confirmation of candidate being Covid-free.

No extraneous luggage, clothing or other items.

Temperature checks at the door.

Coordinated and scheduled seating arrangements.

Isolated ‘booths’ to maintain both distance and airflow.

Transparent borders to reduce feeling of being ‘hemmed in’.

Secure, sanitised and safe

We have multiple rooms housing discrete and isolated desks.

As well as the above, we conduct a full room sanitisation and restrict access to the space to avoid human contamination between exam sittings. We maintain a risk assessment and monitor it daily to ensure compliance with government advice and regulation.

What will your exam day be like under Covid-19

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, there will be continuous ongoing updates regarding the policies, procedures and running of any examinations. Please use this page to note all information which is relevant to candidates regarding procedures following COVID-19.

What should I note before arriving for my examination?

Before arriving at our examination centre, it is important that you consider the following questions:

– Have I had close contact with someone who is or was sick with suspected or confirmed COVID-19?

– Has anyone in my household displayed the following COVID-19 symptoms:

o High temperature (above 37.5 degrees celsius)?

o Shortness of breath?

o New continuous dry cough?

o Three coughing episodes 24 hours before your examination?

o Loss of taste or smell?

o An unexpected rash?

– Has anyone in my household been on holiday within the last 14 days? (Particularly considering any travel abroad.)

– Am I or a household member awaiting COVID-19 test results?

If you answer yes to any of the above questions, you must contact our Examination Officer immediately on 01740 655437.

If staff at our centre deem it necessary for you to be isolated during your examination, we will organise the necessary special consideration with the awarding body and we will contact you with the outcome of their decision. Please note the final decision relating to any suspension relating to an examination sitting will be made by the awarding body, not by Enter CIC or its staff.

What should I bring in line with COVID-19 regulations?

Do not bring any extra baggage when arriving at the examination centre (e.g. coats, bags, etc.) You must simply bring any items required for the examination.

Additionally, candidates should bring an unopened disposable face mask or clear visor. This must be worn at all times upon entering the building unless otherwise specified by an invigilator or staff member.

Are there any changes to the examinations?

Please call our centre on 01740 655437 or contact the awarding body for any updates on changes to the examination.

However, it is important to note the following:

o When entering the examination centre, you will be requested to use a hand sanitiser pod to sanitise your hands thoroughly.

o You will also be advised to scan the exam centre’s designated QR code displayed inside the building. You should use the NHS Test and Trace app for this, which you should download before coming to the exam centre.

o Our staff will perform a screening with each candidate and check each candidate’s temperature before registering the candidate. This check is mandatory. If you do not agree to these procedures you will not be granted access to the building.

o During the registration process and entering the examination room, please note and follow the 2-metre distance ruling where possible in line with our COVID-19 signage and instructions.

o The two metre rule applies in the exam room, too, and all desks are two metres apart AND each desk is fully protected by 2 metre-high transparent shields.

What will happen in the event of a local or nationwide lockdown?

In the event of a local or nation-wide lockdown, it is important that all candidates remain calm and await contact regarding any measurements or guidelines which may be in place from the relevant awarding body and JCQ.

Please be aware that it may take JCQ and awarding bodies time to release any updates in this event. Enter CIC will contact candidates, via email, as soon as advice and information is available, so we would ask you to be patient during this time.