We’re proud to have supported our candidates as we remained open, supportive and proactive throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, when other centres closed, or dropped candidates entirely.

{…} is extremely happy and proud of her grades. Thanks for all your help with this year.


The Enter Centre has gone the extra mile during the pandemic keeping me informed as to the process due to the exams being cancelled and the options available. Being there by phone and email. Taking the time to listen and guide me through the process. Thanks to you all for a job well done.


The centre has helped me in the past months I think the centre has done a great job. I am really impressed at the job this centre has done during the pandemic. This situation was really unexpected and hard for everyone, but the way the centre managed to deal with it was really good. I am really happy.


Thank you for the work that the exam centre has put in, in order for students to progress. The examination centre would have been doing a lot of unseen work in what was a worrying time for everyone. Thank you again and no doubt it will not be the last time we will be using your examination centre.


Enter CIC offered a high-quality and first-class service. Even when Covid 19 meant all exams would be cancelled. Reading on social media how others were unable to be considered for a grade, we were so pleased that Enter CIC worked with our learning provider. We’ll be applying for further exams at Enter CIC.


Thank you so much for all your team’s help achieving a grade.


I am so happy we chose Enter CIC for my A Level Sociology Exam. This year’s been very stressful, but Enter CIC’s been so helpful and positive throughout. They worked hard ‘behind the scenes’ with my Course Provider to ensure I could gain a grade for the cancelled exam. Thank you for your help in gaining my A Level.


Thank you so much for all the help and support in getting {…} her GCSE grades. You went above and beyond in ensuring {she} could get results when other centres quickly let us down. We also appreciated your support with her January exams. Again you went above and beyond to ensure she received the additional help she was entitled to as well as providing a comfortable environment for her to sit exams in.


I would like to thank you and everyone who has been involved with myself and {…} during the examination process. It was a challenge trying to find an exam centre that would accept an external candidate, but Enter CIC were very accommodating, helpful and supportive of {…} needs. 


What a brilliant place. So welcoming and had gone the extra mile to keep us all safe. So much better than having to go to a school environment.


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