Approved Learning Provider and Examination Centre

We are an approved learning provider and Examinations Centre operating under JCQ and Ofqual regulations.
We are the only approved Centre in the North East approved by the Exam Boards listed below as well as CAIE, OCR, Edexcel and AQA.

Our service

To provide opportunities for candidates to engage with the current and lawful process of accredited examinations.

This can appear in a range of legitimate guises (particularly under Covid rules), but our quality, passion and willingness to support is a constant.

Unique, tried and tested validation processes.

Yes, we are supporting hundreds of private candidates to acquire CAGs in 2021

We continue to support private candidates through the adapted assessment procedures set in place by Ofqual. We supported hundreds of private candidates to acquire Centre Assessed Grades in 2020 and 2021. We have comprehensive validation processes in line with regulations to support you.

Yes, we WILL support private candidates through ANY regulated assessment framework in place for
Autumn 2021 and January / Summer 2022


One stop shop!

We are a private, approved examination centre and independent learning provider committed to offering a high-quality service for all private examination candidates with permanent UK residency, including homeschooled children, young and adult resitters and first-timers. We cover most qualifications governed by JCQ. We are accredited to support academic exams offered by Edexcel, AQA, OCR, CIE.

In addition, we offer creative accreditation in performing arts with LAMDA, Trinity College London, Arts Award, RGT and London College of Music.


Want us to look after your learning as well as your exam? We are an approved learning provider in our own right and do not ‘outsource’ our course delivery to generic online providers.

Tuition is via group or one to one, with real tutors. Personal attention in traditional face-to-face or online sessions via our own creative learning platform.

You’ll know and work with your tutor weekly and they’ll know you, your work and your potential. We have qualified tutors waiting to support you in your chosen subject.

We facilitate most academic and creative subjects and qualifications from Functional Skills to A levels.

Contact us to find out more information.

What makes us unique?

If you have experienced any of this, you need to call us. 

1. Found you were underprepared for the exam.
2. Tried on your own, but struggled.
3. Unable to get the grades through your current 
4. Difficulty getting regular information from your current providers. 

Check out the points on the right that make us unique.


All your education and qualification needs under one roof!

1. One Stop shop. We’re a Learning Provider and Exam Centre in one.
2. Everything conducted in house. No outsourcing. No hassle.
3. Exams held in our relaxed and welcoming premises. Not a school hall.
4. Internal qualified tutors and support staff.
5. You’re not dealing with multiple agencies. No confusion.
6. No last-minute chaos. No worry. No panic.

7. We keep you informed every step of the way.
8. Set up exclusively for private candidates.
9. Payment options available.
10. Online exams, mocks and assessments available.
11. Study almost any subject (with specific NEA components).
12. Academic and creative subjects and awards available.
13. iGCSE/GCSE English Spoken Enprovidersdorsement (AQA, CAIE, Edexcel, OCR).
14. Modern Foreign Languages.
15. GCSE Art & Design, Dance, Drama, Food & Nutrition.
16. Practical Endorsements for A-Level Science.
17. Access to in-house, full assessment processes for Access Arrangements.
18. Online, face to face and distance learning options – or mix them up.
19. Extensive bank of creative resources available.
20. Personal support and care all the way.


1. We are multi-exam board approved.
2. Our tutors have years of successful tutoring experience.
3. Head of Centre has over 30 years’ classroom and educational management experience and is a homeschooling parent (as are some of our invigilators).
4. Online and in-person advice sessions, including exam preparation.
5. Spoken Language Endorsement preparation (no matter who your Learning Provider or Exam Centre is).
6. Academic and Creative Summer Schools online and face-to-face.


1. We train you in the use of our online systems. No muddling through.
2. We get to know you to support you better.
3. Covid-secure exam space.
 Registered by us, taught by us, assessed by us, evidenced by us, validated by us, graded by us. Whoever you are, you’re welcomed by us. 5. We ensure consistent practice. You’re not being passed from pillar to post.

Links to government guidance for Exams in 2021

The Spring exam series began on January 4th and we were well placed to receive all candidates as expected, despite the national lockdown. We ran all exams successfully. We are full-prepared for all eventualities regarding exams, regardless of changes in assessment regulations.

We have also provided some advice and guidance below regarding the upcoming Spring Exam Series and welcome your cooperation – by reading the guidance and taking any appropriate action – so that exams can operate safely and securely for all.
Please also take a look at Our Centre Requirements below.

Guidance for households with possible or confirmed cases of Covid-19.

Info about local restrictions. NOTE: all candidates can travel for exams.

The government’s requirements for candidates’ safe travel.

You will be required to wear a face covering, unless you are exempt.

If you have Covid-19 symptoms, arrange a free test before you attend your exam.

Government guidance if you have a positive test result and need to shield.


We’re proud to have supported our candidates as we remained open, supportive and proactive throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, when other centres closed, or dropped candidates entirely. We kept on working for our candidates to allow them to improve their career opportunities and life goals.

{…} is extremely happy and proud of her grades. Thanks for all your help with this year.


The Enter Centre has gone the extra mile during the pandemic keeping me informed as to the process due to the exams being cancelled and the options available. Being there by phone and email. Taking the time to listen and guide me through the process. Thanks to you all for a job well done.


The centre has helped me in the past months I think the centre has done a great job. I am really impressed at the job this centre has done during the pandemic. This situation was really unexpected and hard for everyone, but the way the centre managed to deal with it was really good. I am really happy.


Thank you for the work that the exam centre has put in, in order for students to progress. The examination centre would have been doing a lot of unseen work in what was a worrying time for everyone. Thank you again and no doubt it will not be the last time we will be using your examination centre.


Enter CIC offered a high-quality and first-class service. Even when Covid 19 meant all exams would be cancelled. Reading on social media how others were unable to be considered for a grade, we were so pleased that Enter CIC worked with our learning provider. We’ll be applying for further exams at Enter CIC.


Thank you so much for all your team’s help achieving a grade.


I am so happy we chose Enter CIC for my A Level Sociology Exam. This year’s been very stressful, but Enter CIC’s been so helpful and positive throughout. They worked hard ‘behind the scenes’ with my Course Provider to ensure I could gain a grade for the cancelled exam. Thank you for your help in gaining my A Level.


Thank you so much for all the help and support in getting {…} her GCSE grades. You went above and beyond in ensuring {she} could get results when other centres quickly let us down. We also appreciated your support with her January exams. Again you went above and beyond to ensure she received the additional help she was entitled to as well as providing a comfortable environment for her to sit exams in.


I would like to thank you and everyone who has been involved with myself and {…} during the examination process. It was a challenge trying to find an exam centre that would accept an external candidate, but Enter CIC were very accommodating, helpful and supportive of {…} needs. 


What a brilliant place. So welcoming and had gone the extra mile to keep us all safe. So much better than having to go to a school environment.


The Enter Centre

The Enter Centre is a great environment for private exam candidates and is the perfect environment for subject learning. We offer Edexcel, AQA, OCR, CIE, and support a wide array of GCSE, IGCSE, A Levels, BTECs and Functional Skills qualifications. We also support day or evening learning programme delivery.

Service for All

We support all UK and international private candidates from all areas of education including homeschooled, state and private schools, returning learners, career change learners and many more. We can support your learning and exam needs. Call us on 01740 655437.

Practical Endorsements

We can support Practical Endorsements in some subjects. Practical endorsements are parts of an exam that must be carried out and assessed in person and in a practical environment. For details on which Practical Endorsements we support, please contact us on 01740 655437.