We are a private, accredited examination centre and learning space committed to providing a high-quality service for all private examination candidates, including homeschooled children, young and adult resitters and first-timers. We cover most qualifications governed by  JCQ member organisations.


Want us to look after your learning as well as your exam? Contact us to find out more information about our Academic Angels service launching in September 2020.


We are proud to have been able to support the majority of our candidates as we remained open, supportive and proactive when other centres closed or dropped candidates entirely.

The Enter Centre

The Enter Centre is a great environment for private exam candidates and is the perfect environment for subject learning. We offer Pearson Edexcel BTECs, AQA GCSEs and A Levels as well as iGCSEs, OCR, CIE qualifications and support day or evening learning programme delivery.

Service for All

We supposrt all private candidates from all areas of education including homeschooled, state and private schools, returning learners, career change learners and many more. As lomng as you’re UK-based, we can support your learning and exam needs. Call us on 01740 655437.

Practical Endorsements

We can support Practical Endorsements in some subjects. Practical endorsements are parts of an exam that must be carried out and assessed in person and in a practical environment. For details on which Practical Endorsements we support, please contact us on 01740 655437.