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The Enter Centre
Our exam centre

A relaxed environment

Enter CIC – ┬áPrivate Exams North East has our own permanent examination building. Where others hire community buildings and old school halls, we have The Enter Centre and can focus 100% on managing the environment to best suit our private exam candidates.

Why are we different?

A warm and welcoming place to feel at home.

The Enter Centre external view

The Enter Centre is designed to be a warm, welcoming and caring environment in which to take your exams.

The examination environment we have created is unique. As well as our inviting indoor spaces, we have a wonderful garden in which candidates and parents can relax, or enjoy refreshments.

We believe that if candidates have studied outside a mainstream education setting (or are returning to education or training), they shouldn’t have to go back to a ‘clinical’ school environment to take their exams.

It’s not just our environment that’s warm and welcoming; our people are warm and welcoming, too.


Our rooms

large enough to cope, small enough to care

Our Welcome Room is the first room you’ll see when entering The Enter Centre. We have three comfortable sofas, soft furnishings, quirky objects, paintings on the walls and subdued lighting. This is the perfect place to shake off those exam nerves and collect yourself in an informal, friendly and welcoming setting. Candidates use this room to chat with each other or acclimatise to our remarkable and unique centre.

Our main hall is warm and inviting with a colourful, stained glass window, grand piano, interesting artefacts and carpeting, which create a relaxed, creative and non-threatening place in which to do your best. We allocate more space to individual candidates than the required spacing between desks. You won’t feel hemmed in, constricted or ‘just a number’.

Our breakout room is another perfect place to wait prior to your examination, or during supervised periods. With comfortable seats, soft lighting and a relaxed atmosphere it is just the ticket if you’re feeling a little nervous before your exam. There’s a host of freely-available literature to take your mind off your exams (or even focus it). It’s also a great place to eat packed lunches during supervised periods.

A range of materials is available at The Enter Centre for a variety of subjects, which are available for one-off loans or outright purchase. We have:

  • Calculators and other mathematical instruments
  • Pens, pencils, specialist paper, highlighters and markers
  • Packs of required materials for exams
A Message From

Head of centre

“Having home-educated both of my children, I know how important it is to find the right environment to take exams. Our company and team members are passionate about making our spaces and services as non-typical of a faceless exam centre as possible.

Trying to find an exam centre for my own children was frustrating. All that was available to me was impersonal school halls, temporarily-hired community venues, or conference rooms crammed with single tables. This started my journey to create an exam centre that offered all the benefits of a professional, global exam centre, but with a personal touch.”



What Parents and Candidates
are Saying

“Fantastic environment. Last year we didn’t know about you and my son had to sit his exams in a school hall. It was overwhelming for him. But this environment is perfect.”

“It is so warm and beautiful. I couldn’t have imagined it would be so relaxing. But when I first stepped in, it had a different feel immediately and put me at ease before my exam.”

“Having been to a few exam centres I can tell you that The Enter Centre is unique and it put both my son and myself at ease. It has a sense of warmth about it. A sense of home.”

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