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Creative Courses

Our key creative GCSE course for the next academic year (2024-2025) is Art and Design. This course is a minimum of 1 year, but can be delivered over 2 years to suit the student. It’s ideal for home educated children and private students. 

We run a wide range of Arts Award opportunities, too, from Discover to Gold Award, which attracts UCAS points to support university entry. As a UCAS registered centre, we can also support students with their UCAS applications to help ‘fast track’ UCAS applications, especially where the student has not accessed formal education previously.


We are unique in that, unlike many providers, we own our own practical workshop spaces for private students. We look after everything from learning to examination – all delivered ‘in house’ in our own space with our own professional staff.

We have also worked with external tutors to deliver examination elements (as well as supporting their practical delivery) and are keen to work with more.

Our facility and service is perfect for Home Educated students and those with creative interests looking to do creative subjects outside the school environment.

We are an approved Arts Award Centre and an Approved Arts Award Supporter and our staff members have been delivering Arts Awards since its inception in 2005. 

Find out more about our Arts Awards here.


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