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An Inspector Calls is a play, so where better to understand it than in a working theatre?

Step into our immersive, theatrical discovery environment and bring ‘An Inspector Calls’ to life! The course has been designed specifically for GCSE English Literature students. 

You will learn by doing!


GCSE Grades

The course is perfect for GCSE students studying in state schools or independent schools, home schoolers or private candidates who seek to improve their grades in English Literature.

Work practically to develop a comprehensive understanding of the play and blast through exam terminology with ease. Piece together the ideas, twists, terminology, characters, motives, coventions and the playwright’s intentions as you go.

great answers mean great marks

Work with a real exam centre in a working theatre to get your hands on stage, lights, props, costume, text analysis, writer’s techniques, language exploration, context & themes, character profiles, syllabus and exam paper exploration.

Appropriate board-specific scripts are provided and you will discover new insights into the work.

Exam questions in the GCSE paper will be  a doddle as you are able to apply your in-depth understanding and provide well-considered, targeted and in-depth answers that attract marks.

never fear the question paper again

As an experienced and approved exam centre, we know that many students make simple mistakes which have a huge impact on their overall grade in English Literature.

This is why we have developed this unique course, providing students with an opportunity to work with our creative and academic exam centre staff in a fun and immersive ‘An Inspector Calls’ experience.

We bring the text to life and show you how to approach the paper with enthusiasm, confidence and skill. 



  • From the moment you step through our door, you will be fully immersed in the world of J.B. Priestley’s ‘An Inspector Calls’.

  • Step onto a physical stage set and work with our inspiring and knowledgeable staff to practically explore the play.

  • Blast through characters, language, themes, context, form, structure and a range of literary devices.

  • Explore how J.B. Priestley used the conventions of a play, including lights, set design, costume, stage directions and dramatic conventions to impact the audience/reader.

  • Increase your confidence. Understand what gets higher grades.

  • Access sample papers, their questions and answers.

  • Explore exam questions and exam language.

  • Learn how to structure a good answer.

  • Know what to avoid.

This course puts you at the heart of the exploration and breathes life into the set text. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to become an inspector and step into the wolrd of Priestly.

An Inspector Calls is a one-day course which runs from 10.00am to 5.30pm. Contact us to book your dates.

Cost for the one day course is: £45.

Places are limited, so book early to avoid disappointment.